Baldwin Wallace




Weekly Meeting – Tuesdays 9:00pm

Location: SAC (Between the Union and Beech St.)

Men’s Community Groups

Upperclassmen – Tuesdays 5:00pm, MACS

Freshmen – Wednesdays 8:15pm, Floreske Apt #8

Thursdays 8:00pm, Floreske Apt #8

Women’s Community Groups

Mondays 5:00pm, Carmel lobby

Thursday 7:00pm E-hause lobby

Greek Women: Thursday 8:00pm in Chapter rooms, Conservatory (co-ed) BMAC 211

For more information, check us out on Facebook or email Brian Metzer or Lindsey Rapp

Let us know who you are!

From your smartphone, text “Jackets17” to 85005, or click here. You’ll complete a short survey and we will get back to you with more information.