Letter to Parents (From Parents)

Dear Friends and Parents,
It’s that time of year again, when we pack up our college kids and send them off to start a new year of “Higher Learning.”  But if you are like me, you are also thinking of what they may be learning outside the classroom… who and what will they be getting involved with?
They have a lot to choose from.  
(Photo Credit: Marissa Carney, Penn State News)
I’m thankful that Emily chose to go with Cru. Cru, unlike many groups at school, has some great role models to help her as she navigates through the college years.  They challenge her personally and they challenge her faith.
Last spring (2013),  Emily called home to ask what I thought about a mission trip to Croatia.  I was a little shocked, and then again, I wasn’t.  I did not even know where Croatia was (internet here I come!). God had to challenge me to “let go” and see what He had in mind for her. Not easy.  But through lots of prayers, emails, and phone calls (plus a short 5 1/2 hour drive one-way to meet Jennie and Hung), we felt that we could not stand in the way of what God was doing. In less than 3 weeks she raised the money needed to pay for the trip. Things even fell into place with her professors at school.  Our prayer was that God would “run before” the team and set things up for them to make an impact on the students they would be meeting.  God did. He even sent a team from Georgia that they did not know about who they worked side by side with.  Emily’s Cru trip was life-changing. She met students half a world away that are challenged by the same things she is. She also found other students who were also actively serving Christ.
She was seeing her world in a new way, as well as developing a heart for other college students facing challenges at school.  Cru has become a big part of her life.
What are your kids wanting to do this year? This spring break? This summer?  Who is it with?  Cru can be an influential part.  What is the goal of Cru? Ask your kids. Go meet the staff. Your young person may be staying on track thanks to the staff and other students at Cru.
Who knows, they may even change the world one person at a time.
I hope you and your student get to know the organization of Cru, the students and the staff too. I pray that you will all have a great experience this year.
In Him,
Rebecca and Joel Bussis (parents of Emily Bussis – CWRU class of 2016)

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