This Is Why I Cru

Walking onto campus in the fall always brings a buzz of excitement, whether you’re a freshman or a senior. Campus almost glows in all the possibilities a new year brings. Freshmen have their maps out, laniards around their necks, taking in the newness of every matching sheet set or campus building. Upperclassmen breeze by the newcomer’s frenzy to the known and familiar spots they’ve been waiting to get back to since two weeks after they left.

And though we all walk onto campus with different backgrounds and different visions for our 4 (or 6) years, I think there is one universal thing we all want out of our college career.

We all want people, our people. We may want them in different doses (shoutout to all the introverts), but nonetheless, we want people. People who see us when we aren’t performing, aren’t trying to be cool, or impress. We want people who choose to stay through exam weeks, breakups, team cuts, failures, embarrassments, and all the wondering about what the heck we are going to make of our lives. We all want people who walk in when everyone else walks out.

And for that reason, I ‘Cru’.

I ‘Cru’ because the first weekend when you want to be invited out, but you sit alone in your dorm room wishing you had friends, SUCKS.

I ‘Cru’ because when you do get invited out to that illusive party and you want to be remembered, to be a good time, and you drink more than you thought, regret a lot and never can quite tell if people are laughing with or at you, SUCKS.

I checked out Cru because, well, honestly, because I was invited. And I stayed because I saw people who didn’t hide who they really were. They didn’t pretend. I stayed because there was a freedom in being exactly who you were that I wanted for myself.

They showed me a freedom that wasn’t just about a group on campus, but could apply to my whole life. In short, they showed me Jesus.

With Jesus I didn’t have to prove myself worthy, or fear making mistakes. I didn’t have to give the right answers or constantly meet expectations. He didn’t expect me to earn my spot. He just gave it to me. He was the one that I could trust with my whole life.

And because Jesus doesn’t make me earn my spot or prove myself, these Cru people don’t either.

In college we all want people, our people. And #thisiswhyicru.

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